A rich and quality breakfast is an indispensable detail of favorite awakenings in a hotel, and every quality meal is accompanied by a quality choice of beverages. Enhance your gastronomic offer with a rich selection of hot and cold FRESKO drinks. We offer a complete solution for the full enjoyment of consuming juices, cocktails, and coffee. We provide you with top-quality beverage machines and technology from European manufacturers and adapt to your spatial capacities.

Machines for natural beverages

They support fresh fruit juices, fruit juice drinks, non-alcoholic beverages, natural tea, or sports drinks made from concentrate and water. They don’t retain sediment, don’t dry out, and are characterized by exceptional purity. Offer your guests the best refreshment and a richness of flavor in every drop of their favorite natural juice – provide them with a unique enjoyment experience with FRESKO juices.


Machines for natural and carbonated beverages

Specially adapted for carbonated and fruit juices, these machines also support the dispensing of non-alcoholic beverages and sports drinks made from concentrate and water. They ensure consistent carbonation of the drink and its coolness and are extremely easy to use. The special range of FRESKO refreshing beverages consists of more than eighty variations of carbonated and non-carbonated juices and functional drinks, ideal for ‘all inclusive’ hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs, spa and wellness centers, fitness centers, and other catering and sports facilities.


Machine for tea / hot and cold beverages

Quality machines lead to quality coffee! Professional FRESKO coffee machines are fully automated, easy to use, and maintain. For lovers of top-notch coffee and genuine pleasure, we offer first-class BARISTO coffee and high-quality instant coffee available in three blends, as well as a high-quality chocolate beverage and whitener. Along with coffee, FRESKO also offers a range of teas that you can enjoy in both hot and cold versions.


Promotional program

For all clients, FRESKO offers the possibility of support in the form of additional assortments (glass or paper cups, jugs, and work clothing) and other personalized promotional materials such as flyers and brochures, glass coasters, aprons, etc.

Paper bags