For over 20 years, our FRESKO juices have been refreshing guests in hotels and bars throughout Croatia and the world. Our Barristo coffees are the favorite beverage to start the day, and our FRESKO IQ cocktails have become an indispensable pleasure at numerous events, restaurants, and clubs.

Two decades of our work have been interwoven with clients’ wishes, education, and experiences that we have adopted with every new business story we write with partners, thanks to whom we continuously improve our offer.

Tailored to individual ideas and client needs, FRESKO provides a top-notch solution for the enjoyment of consuming juices, cocktails, and coffee. We develop our products respecting the diversity and demands of the HoReCa market, and through continuous improvement, we constantly work on a new experience we offer through our range of services, remaining your reliable partner in providing quality service to you and an unforgettable experience for the end-user.

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We ensure our clients have access to top-quality and technologically advanced machines for juices, cocktails, and coffee from renowned European manufacturers. Our task is to adapt logistical solutions to each partner, considering their needs, spatial capacities, and desires, and we execute this task with utmost dedication. That’s why many guests from various hotels, restaurants, bars, catering services, fitness centers, clubs, schools, kindergartens, and other public institutions worldwide enjoy FRESKO beverages today.

Thanks to reliable and professional logistics and a well-coordinated team ensuring flawless use of all machines and equipment, we offer our clients 24-hour servicing. Our service staff is always ready for a quick response and field visits to ensure the uninterrupted operation of all machines.

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