A novelty in the FRESKO assortment – squeezed juices in a bottle

Apple, orange and raspberry – apple are the new types of FRESKO bottled juices. 100 % natural, created through a simple process of squeezing the whole fruits, and faithfully representing the taste of fruits they were made of.

FRESKO assortment is made from fresh, high quality ingredients, carefully selected and observed throughout the entire production process. These natural juices do not contain added sugar or water and are not made from concentrate. They do not contain preservatives, just pasteurized fruit in a bottle, so they have a rich and wholesome flavour. 

HoReCa juices and nectars in glass bottles will contribute to the overall quality of products you have on offer as an essential part of restaurant, bar, and café assortments. 

In a time when you clients live stressful and accelerated lives and they eat quickly prepared, unhealthy and refined ingredients, these juices offer energy, vitamins and minerals necessary for the proper function of the organism. Differentiate yourself from your competition by offering fresh, unsweetened juices made from organic fruits. Freshly squeezed juices are the best vitamin supplement for other meals since nutrients immediately enter the bloodstream where they are needed. The higher the quality of fruits and vegetables, the better and healthier the juice is. With ingredients of such high quality no one will be able to resist a healthy glass of apple, orange or raspberry – apple juice.

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